Dom Perignon Vintage Plenitud P2 2000


Dom Perignon Vintage Plenitud P2 2000

Plénitud 2 és la segona vida d'una anyada Dom Pérignon.


Dom Perignon Vintage Plenitud P2 2000

Plénitud 2 is the second life of a Dom Pérignon vintage.

During a slow and controlled transformation of more than fifteen years, its longevity is prolonged, elevated. In this way, the champagne increases your energy to reach a paroxysm of vitality. Dom Pérignon, more essential and radiant than ever, unfolds in all dimensions to become wider, longer, deeper, more intense.


The bouquet is ripe, tonic and generous. The warm character of harvest and brioche is mixed with bergamot and coppery large-seeded fruits. The outfit breathes with smoky gray accents.


Vibrant, the attack asserts itself directly, as a prelude to a more tactile than meaty richness that progressively expands. The containment of its defined viscosity is coupled to the contours of the wine. Its duration is exquisitely bitter and sap, where licorice and roasted malt mix.

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